Hidden gems - askmefi questions posts

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Idea for Metafilter Post - FPP

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Whitewash Mefi? - internet MefiInWhite MetaInWhite

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How to calculate estimate of price per share? - dividend discount model

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Having difficulty figuring out my sexuality, what can I do? - confused gay straight

Post 264189 by wak5700 deleted for the following reason: This doesn't sound like you are gay at all, but having trouble interacting with women, and kind of talks about being gay in a disrespectful way. Maybe try again next week without all the mentions of gayness? -- mathowie


How do you like art when celebrities are so terrible? - entertainment

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Help me find contact information for Dr. Hans Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt? - actovegin munich wolfhart

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Ahso! - translate teacup japanese

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Boyfriend stops fooling around abruptly - goes to "shower" (masturbate) - relationships sex boyfriends

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NSFW: "Spit or swallow" - Discussion - oralsex sex blowjob

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Will genealogy move towards Wikipedia-like openness? - ancestry family

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Does "moo-moo/mumu" = "dog" in some language? Or is it something worse? - asian

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What is your most favorite book (or book series) of all time?

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Band Aids (not Groupies) - do they still exist? - concerts bands live

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Your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation - science history

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How can I feel less depressed about being single? - miserable angry lonely

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Should I wait for Love or should I settle? - true truth infatuation

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It's time to do this once and for all - dental restoration newyork

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Not sure what to say to a suicidal friend? - advice

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Trouble with girls, and people in general. Is this just who I am? - pain bitterness hate

Post 262916 by ggp88 deleted for the following reason: I am really sorry this is something you're dealing with but this isn't really a workable Ask Metafilter question; if you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact a crisis professional. You are also welcome to get ahold of us via the contact form if you want. -- cortex

Therapist's liability for suicide - suicidal suicidality therapy

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