The incredible shrinking Canadian pint - canada beer imperialpint

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Travelling to Dubai - Need Advice - Car Seat Hire

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New power washing company needs logo help - Logos powerwashing small

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Where can I post a survey on health care? - healthcare Obamacare ACA

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How do you change the world? - ethical difference

Post 307233 by inner_frustration deleted for the following reason: Heya, this is basically chatfilter, where you're setting up an impossible task, asking how people can make change but ruling out every way people can actually make change -- it sounds like you mainly want to talk about how these worries are very big, which is totally fair, but AskMe's not the place. -- LobsterMitten


Wife and I have depression after giving birth, feeling suicidal - postpartum pregnancy loneliness

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Heartbreaking Translation into Spanish Needed

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crosswalk madness - devices for staying alive - driving parkinglot evasiveaction

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MeFi post I can't find - sci-fi audioplay by one man in 70's or 80's - metafilter scifi sciencefiction

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How do you know when it's time to go to a psychiatric facility? - Mental health care

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Can my new boyfriend tell I visit his website often? - ipaddress google internet

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Ride-sharing vehicles marked for safety? - uber lyft taxi

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Incredible girl in line at store - meeting

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Best practice listening skills to help abused friend (female on male) - spousalabuse domesticabuse

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Practicing Trust

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I don't want to sleep with the fishes over a stupid ticket. :( - italy travel driving

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How long before Trump admin is toppled? - Election illegitimate fascist

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Sam Becket for President! - advice

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