Can a ketogenic diet support recovery from brain cancer? - glioblastoma braincancer lifestyle

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Brother took some of my books when he moved out - bibliophile usbookbitchesdon'tmessaround bookcollection

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I made a Grooveshark Alternative. Seeking comments. - music webdesign

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A headhunter for therapists? Does such a thing exist? - counselor psychologist psychiatrist

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Will he come back or is it time for me to forget him? - dating

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Can someone in Seattle post some signs looking for car accident witness? - Community help

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Who's got a shiny heinie? - singing songwriting pets

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Fleeting Contemplation of Violence - murder

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My best friend cheated on her boyfriend, and this pisses me off - cheating anxiety relationships

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Any female fighters, mma or boxing, interested in sharing their stories? - women film gender

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What are the casual sex/ONS encounters you fondly recall? - relationships

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Divorced boyfriend broke up with me to work on his issues - brokeup split relationship

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Shall I still use this person as a network/reference resource? - networking job interviews

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Do any "Western Bibles" give arguments?

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Callous Break Up and post-break up. Need love and hard love. - relationship breakup relationships

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A question of class. How to respond when someone looks down on you - caregiver superiority

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Calling all residents of Dallas County - Texas Politics

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Handmade vs. Quantity Produced Cowbells - jcr percussion jcrpercussion

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Question about demographic research project - demographics statistics

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What is college good for? - highereducation highered learning

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Help my mom get her iPhone back - from Ho Chi Minh City - vietnam ho-chi-minh-city

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Stopping Spam on Forums - internet nanowrimo

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No options left. - Depression

Post 278990 by Aranquis deleted for the following reason: Hey there, I'm so sorry things are feeling so hard right now, but this isn't really a question and it sounds like you really could use some serious in-person help. If you want to talk to a hotline, there are resources at the There is help wiki page, and/or give your therapist a call. -- LobsterMitten