What do YOU want for Christmas? - gift

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Steve Bannon = Nazi? - Trump Stevebannon fascist

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Acetylcysteine for Paracetamol / Acetaminpohen poisoning (no emergency) - acetaminophen overdose nac

Post 302949 by protorp deleted for the following reason: Hey, sorry, but the problem here -- beyond even the issue of "one shouldn't practice medicine without a license" -- is that even if you were to intervene in an emergency, doing so via the medical advice of random people online is even worse. Please check with your country's Poison Control hotline or info line, or an appropriate medical professional. -- taz


What is it like to have a family? - doesnotcompute

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How to stay strong and optimistic when you are lonely, tired, stressed? - Lonliness relationship children

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Electoral College Duty to Uphold and Defend Constitution? - electoralcollege 2016election oath

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What are some "tells" that would out a man posing as a woman? - disguise culture

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Lighten Your Load And Go Still Higher. War On Christmas: The Gladdening - activist activism humanrights

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How do I make myself more unhappy to be a good activist? - trump activism

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How Does Public Radio Lobby? - PRI APM NPR

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Disliking rap music is racist?? - racism

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Why is this not enough to call the election results into question? - russia wikileaks electiontampering

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People to pray for during Trump presidency.. - civil rights obamacare

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Steve Bannon at home interview? - Racist WhiteNationalist SelfDeclaredWhiteNationalist

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Trump's victory celebration party in/near Minneapolis - elections

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Unique... Just like everyone else - Self identity culture

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(How) to swamp greatagain.gov with spurrious job applications? - onlinejobapplications politicalaction governmenttransition

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What is the motive for the modern human? - Society history humanity

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Can I (or should I) hold people responsible for complacency? - politics activism social

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A minor battle. - cancer

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Have you applied here before? Background check - application

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Always Look on The Bright Side of Life - trump elections clinton

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Pre-election Lawsuit Status - legal presidentallaw

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Is there a way to get back deleted emails? - recovery

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How to decipher the meaning of acute engagement anxiety?

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What is living in Philadelphia like?

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